The Swing of Things

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The Swing of Things

Told from the dual perspective of a husband and a wife, The Swing of Things is a sexy, provocative, page-turning novel about a suburban couple who wants out of their routine—but will they take things too far?

Attorney Jayne Larsen loves her stay-at-home husband. Eric is attentive and a great father to their daughter. He’s also unfailingly committed to their Wednesday date nights—but things have gotten too predictable.

Enter Theo and Mia Winters, the effortlessly cool, attractive couple who are the center of everyone’s attention. They are blissfully happy and ready to share their secret for keeping things spicy. But there are rules. And breaking them has consequences. As Jayne and Eric explore a more modern definition of marriage, they are forced to confront whether they’ve given up too much in the pursuit of trying to have it all.

Praise for this book

“…the novel offers complex and vividly realized characters and a thought-provoking portrayal of where taking relationships for granted can lead. Excellent domestic drama with elements of psychological suspense that evoke Gone Girl.” –Booklist (starred review)

“As their ‘About the Author’ page will cheekily tell you, Linda Keir is the pen name for two authors who are married, but not to each other. That dynamic works exceptionally well in The Swing of Things, as the sex scenes are tightly written and yummy good. . . . more. Please.”Colorado Book Review

“Somewhere between Tom Perrotta and Erica Jong lies The Swing of Things, a charming, sexy, and surprisingly tender romp through the dark side of wish fulfillment. I’ll never look at the other playground parents the same way again.” –Marcus Sakey

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